Help your pet live a long and healthy life.

How can I help my pet live a long and healthy life?

Helping your pet to live a long life is a question many veterinarians get asked. This is a question often asked by new pet parents.

We know a lot about nutrition and how our diet affects us humans, and now this is also applying to dogs and cats. There is much data to support improving the human microbiome with diet and nutrition. The microbiome is the living organisms in side our bodies. The animal kingdom is catching up and now we understand the needs of our pet’s bodies too!

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This article from May 2021, talks about diet and food components that can impact the human gut microbiota. But this also applies to the food and nutrition that our dogs and cats receive. Data published January 2021, also talks about food components but as it applies to dogs and cats.

Key Points of the Science Direct paper are:

  • The gut microbiome is a functional organ
  • Dietary food particles work with good bacteria turn them into active mixtures that influence the body.
  • Butyrate, for example, comes from either fiber or protein
  • Thus, increased fiber and increased protein in the diet may have similar benefits and have a large impact on the gut microbiome.
  • Fiber and protein content appear to be main influencers of microbiome composition in both dogs and cats.
  • Changes in the microbiome of healthy dogs are minor
  • Changes in the microbiome of dogs with disease is more pronounced

Why are probiotics important for my dog?

Many dogs have stomach or gut issues.

Gut issues can be due to things like medications, like antibiotics and it is no different for your fur baby. Or something they ate on a walk or while in the yard, it could be a sensitivity to a food or stress.

If your fur baby is having GI issues, consider a probiotic. Also consider other positive supplements like prebiotics (fiber). Ensure there are enough good bacteria to make it to reach the colon where they have the best effect.

Look for products that have at least 100 billion bacteria per serving. Seek out also multi-strain probiotics that have a broader impact on gut health. Some of the best probiotics have 8 types (strains) of bacteria.

Consider how you would give these great products to your pet. Do you want a powder, capsules or what? Many foods and treats contain probiotics, but the levels are low and will not have an impact on a dog with gut issues. Choose a specific product as noted above.

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