The scoop on poop issues!

Does your best friend have diarrhea?

Not again! What did she/he eat now?

I have two giant Saint Bernard dogs, and most of the time they are great. Now and again they get poop issues.

If I can't pick up their poop, I get pretty upset. Am I a bad pet parent...

Becasue of that, I look at their poop a LOT - probably more than is normal!

So like me, I am sure you too watch your dog or cat if they have poop issues, or diarrhea. To help the diarrhea

  1. Try adding pumpkin (not the pie filling one, the plain type) or a pumpkin based dog food to their kibble or usual food
  2. Change their diet to rice and chicken to bulk the poo and be gentle on their belly
  3. Add fiber like pumpkin to their food, as this can add bulk to the poo. Also prebiotics like inulin can help too
  4. High count probiotics can help your dog’s digestive health. 

Dog diarrhea and vomiting?

Dogs often throw-up. Why is it always on the carpet? It can be due to something they ate, or it can be due to food allergies or seasonal allergies. It is normal for a dog to eat grass and then throw up to expel what is irritating them. Make sure they do not get dehydrated by monitoring their water or fluid intake.

A bland diet of chicken and rice may help. Chicken broth or bone broth are good to try if food is too much. If you use bone broth or chicken broth look at the label to see how much salt (sodium) is in it. Dogs do not process salt like humans, so keep salt intake low.

Probiotics can offer a solution to getting your pooch over that issue. Profauna 100 has prebiotics to increase digestive enzymes and supports digestive wellness. Try adding a probiotic to your pooch’s nutrition.

Going to the pharmacy to fix your pet’s poop problem?

If your pet’s diarrhea is so bad you are reaching for the Imodium


If things are this bad, call your veterinarian.

Imodium has an effect on the gut so should not be used all the time.

Start with dietary changes then seek more natural treatment options. If you are planning a trip and your pet has to go on a long car journey, it makes sense, but Imodium is not healthy long-term.

Probiotics help the belly and improve the health of the belly. Find a probiotic for your dog that you know he/she will eat. Check the probiotic has lots of good bacteria in it, or plenty to make it all the way through the dog's insides.

Does your new fur-baby have diarrhea?

80% of my pets have been rescues.

You do not know where your dog was before it was your baby!?

Very often stress and a new environment can cause gut upset in dogs. If your dog’s diarrhea is so bad you are reaching for loperamide STOP! Speak to your veterinarian or a vet tech.

Work to fix your dog's poop issues. You can change the food, or add probiotics to what he or she eats.

Profauna 100 is a good probiotc. A probiotic should have billions of good bacteria. That way, you can be sure it will work all the way through the belly fixing things as it goes through the dog's insides. Profauna has prebiotics that will make quick work of the diarrhea.

I give my two Saint Bernard puppies Profauna every day! Prevention is better than treatment.

From one of our customers:

Profauna 100 not only helped with my new rescue’s poo (her stools), but also her fur and general health. When I got her, she was Giardia positive and had terrible poo issues. It takes about 2-4 weeks to really see a total difference and not just with the poop.

We hope this information has been helpful – the Microbial team!

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