The Best Probiotics For Your Pets

You want to use probiotics to support your dog (or cat’s) digestive or immune system with probiotics.

When choosing a probiotic to support your dog or cat:

It is important to choose a probiotic with billions of bacteria of many types.

If your cat or dog has digestive distress, choose a probiotic with an army of “good” bacteria! The more the merrier - to help tilt the balance in favor of good bacteria.

There are trillions of microorganisms in a dog’s belly. To make a change, your dog's belly needs billions of good bacteria.

The word “pro-biotic” means “for-life.”

Probiotics for dogs are best if they contain live bacteria and yeast cells. Ensure your dog takes enough to confer a health benefit. Probiotics for dogs should say the count or number of live bacteria per serving. A serving can range from 1 million all the way to 100 billion per dose or serving.  

To fix dysbiosis or a bacteria imbalance. Select a high number and multi type probiotic of course! 

Research shows you need at least 1 billion bacteria of different types to improve pet health. Probiotics with >one-billion bacteria influences immune health in ways lower-count probiotics may not. 

At we created Profauna 100 clean probiotic. It delivers 100 billion live bacteria per serving. Profauna Groovy treats are for gut health and Dazzle Dental sticks are for dental health.

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