Did You Rescue a Dog or Cat Recently?

Oftentimes, pets that are abandoned or surrendered get emergency care on admission to a shelter or rescue group. That care usually includes antibiotics (this can cause tummy upset) and affects the health of the pet's gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

Good nutrition, along with prebiotics to support the good bacteria need to be replaced as soon as possible in these pets. If your new pet has obvious signs of poor GI health, you should also consider a probiotic supplement to 'fast-track' their GI health.

When looking for products to give to your new rescue, look for US made products as well as limited or few ingredient products (no junk) when selecting food or supplements for your cat or dog.

Also, even if your new rescue has no signs of ill health, consider probiotics as a preventive measure or to boost the pet's immune system and GI strength as stress can also cause an in balance to your pets GI.