February is "Beat the Heat Month"

Should you ‘Fix’ (Spay or Neuter) Your Pet?

According to an ASPCA article, about 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year. The idea of responsible pet owner spaying or neutering their pet to prevent reproduction is to help reduce the number of animals that lose their lives annually. Of the 1.5 million animals that are put to sleep, 670,000 are dogs and 860,000 are cats.

The good news! The number of pets lost to euthanasia is declining each year

  • As more stray pets are being returned to their owners,
  • Due to a higher percentage of adoptions and
  • The implementing of spay neuter programs that reduce the number of puppies and kittens so that pet owners adopt adult pets instead

Spaying and Neutering can have a calming effect on your pet.

  • Removing the ovaries in female pets eliminates the ‘on-heat’ cycle which generally reduces unwanted behaviors in the home that can lead to pet owner frustrations.
  • Similarly, removing the testes from female pets reduces the breeding instinct making males less likely to roam off or jump the fence etc., and more content to stay at home

Spaying and Neutering can have a protective health effect on your pet.

  • Early spaying of female cats and dogs can help protect against uterine infections and breast cancer
  • Early neutering of male dogs and cats can lessen the risk of prostate issues and testicular cancer

Having your pet ‘fixed’ does not have any effect on your pet’s intellect, play or ability to learn. They still sniff, run, stalk, hunt, and have fun as nature intended!

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