Ingredient news: Focus Glycerin

Why is glycerin in my Profauna Groovy Dog Chews?

Glycerin adds sweetness to products and also helps with binding or holding ingredients together. Traditionally, it has been used in pet foods to add texture as well as sweetener.

Glycerin is added to many pet foods, but especially soft chews and treats. The binding makes the treat chewy and glycerin also acts as a preservative against molds. 

Sadly, there is no nutritional value to glycerin, but it is also not bad for your pet.

Make sure you read the ingredients label and find the source (plants are best) but animal derived glycerin is also considered safe. If there is glycerin in  products, it is from coconuts.

The reason you need to be careful with glycerin in your pet's food is because some manufacturers use glycerin that is an end product of biofuel processing which can lead to a worrying amount of wood alcohol (methanol) and sodium both of which are bad for your pet.