Have A Heart for Pet Theft Awareness Day

Pet theft awareness day is actually on valentines, but let's talk about it now!

Pet theft is on the rise, please take care of your pet and keep them safe.

What can pet owners do, to ensure the safety of their pets from thieves!

  1. Keep your pets inside (especially when you are not home).
    1. Leaving your pets unsupervised in your back yard or garden is risky for your pets. It only takes a minute for a thief to steal your fur baby.
  2. Always leash your dog, do not allow them to walk around the neighborhood
  3. Do not leave the pet unsupervised in your car
  4. Make sure to collar, tag or ‘microchip’ your pet
  5. Keep recent photos of your pets with written descriptions of them
  6. Be aware of strangers in your neighborhood report anything unusual - such as a sudden increase in lost pets

What you should do it your pet goes missing or is stolen

  • Report it to the police, make a record of the theft
  • Call local shelters, pounds and rescues in your area
  • Post flyers and information about your lost pet in your neighborhood
  • Search online. Maybe your pet ended up on someone else’s property and they just want to return the pet. Sites like Craigslist, Home Again, Nextdoor etc. will post found pets.

Finally – watch out for scam artists!

Somebody may post a lost pet, but insist on a reward before returning the pet to you. If a stranger should call and say they have found your pet, make sure they are genuine and ask them for specific details of your pet to ensure they have your pet and are not just making it up.