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Profauna Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats
Profauna Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats
Profauna Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats
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Profauna Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats

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The best probiotic with prebiotics supplement for dogs and cats. If your 'fur baby' is a picky eater, has allergies or digestive issues - Try Profauna Pet Supplement. 

Profauna Benefits
  • Probiotic WITH Prebiotics Supplement
  • To promote a healthy digestive tract and immune system.
  • Supports healthy skin and is good for pets with allergies
  • Clean - only 3 ingredients (bacteria, prebiotic inulin and maltodextrins)
  • Convenient and easy to give. Add The Powder to Your Dog's or Cat's Wet or Dry Food. That's It!
  • Digestive support in an easy-to-use powder
  • 8 Strain probiotic for Dogs & Cats
With prebiotics, and probiotics, this powerful supplement promotes a healthy belly. We guarantee 100 billion probiotic bacteria in every scoop.
Your fur baby will get the full benefits of this powder as it helps to restore a healthy gut and improve digestion. The benefits for you, are it also promotes firmer stools and helps reduce gas, making picking up poo easier to do. 

One Hundred Billion Probiotic Bacteria Per Scoop. About 20 Or More Times Bacteria Than the Average Probiotic for Dogs or Cats 

Optimizes Digestive Health. 
Puts Good Bacteria in The Belly. Profauna has 8 types of Bacteria.
Give it to your dog or cat to support Digestive Health.
Use during Stressful Situations Like Traveling, Kenneling, and Training. Or introducing your pet to New People or Animals 

ACTIVE-VIAL Technology:
  • One-Piece, Easy-Open Flip-Top Bottle
  • A Moisture-Tight and Leak-Proof Seal
  • Ensures Product Safety and Stability
No Safety Concerns:
Profauna 100 is Made in the USA in an FDA Registered Food Facility Under Strict cGMP Guidelines. 
All ingredients are AAFCO listed and present no safety concerns 

Our Guarantee
We make an innovative and impactful probiotic.
We back that up with a risk-free 30-day Guarantee.
Buying items online can be a daunting task.
There ZERO risk in buying our products and trying them. If you don’t like it, no hard feelings we’ll make it right. We have 24/7/365 Ticket and Email Support, Please Contact Us if you need help.

No Extra Junk:
Contains Inulin (prebiotic) Bacteria (probiotic) and Maltodextrins.
Profauna 100 does not contain:
Gluten, milk, soybeans, eggs, crustaceans, fish, nuts, sulfur dioxide and sulfites, artificial colors or flavors.
Scoop Inside Bottle. 1/2 - 1 Scoop daily or as directed by your veterinarian.
Add Profauna 100 directly to the Dog or Cat Food. 
Convenient And Easy to Give:  
Add the Powder to Your Dog or Cat's Wet or Dry Food. That's It!  


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Amazing probiotic!

Our pup’s digestive system is strong due to using Profauna in her food daily.

Monica Teran
Kitty with High Food Sensitivities and underweight

My cat has always struggled with stomach sensitivity issues and this product has helped stabilize her health over the past year. I did not have to introduce it slowly like with other products and in a week it reduced the vomiting and diarrhea. She can finally gain her weight back…Yay!!

Works wonders

So my 8yr old lab/Pitt mix has had skin allergies since he was a puppy and he’s always been on antibiotics. At least twice a year because everything I’ve tried topically just didn’t help. I always would end up taking him into the vets and he would get instant relief with steroids and antibiotics. I’ve been to 4 different vets and they figured it environmental allergies. His entire body would break out. He would have serious hot spots. This last break out I wanted to try something new. Someone pointed out that he may have a leaky gut and should try probiotics. I ordered this product on a whim. After a day I saw a major difference. His skin instantly started healing and clearing up. He’s almost completely healed without antibiotics or steroids. Granted I was able to intervene with a cone before he was able to lick himself to death and cause any serious infections. It’s been able a weeks and he’s looking so good. Even his body looks slimmer and I guess with a leaky gut he was constantly in a state of inflammation. I’m so happy I came across this product and it makes me wonder why none of the vets ever thought about incorporating probiotics in the pass. With human it’s a common thing to consume probiotics when taking antibiotic so why not the same with dogs. My last vet visit they wanted me to put my dog on antibiotics for life. I refuse because it’s so unnecessary and I’m glad I didn’t listen.

Crystal Ferguson
Profauna Probiotic - Awesome Product

Before Profauna... vet appointments every two to three months with one of my pups major diarrhea. Solid stool. All I can say is .no trips to the vet for digestive issues definitely a worthy product.

Rescue Mom
If I have a pet, they’re getting Pro Fauna

It’s that simple. It’s a product that has made a huge difference in the quality is my dogs’ lives. Although I don’t have a cat, I have friends to him I’ve recommended the product. And they swear by it as well. It started with me looking for a product to help with my dog’s chronic diarrhea despite his incredibly high quality diet. For ease, I gave it to all of my dogs. I saw a marked improvement in their health overall. Even my older golden/shepherd mix became perkier. As I said in my title, if I have a pet, we’re going to be on Pro Fauna. Its quality is unmatched.